Glasgow’s Global Visitors: Brad Pitt

brad pittName: Brad Pitt

Born: 18th December 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA

Credits include: Se7en, Inglourious Basterds, Fight Club

Reason for visiting Glasgow:

Brad Pitt’s first recorded visit to Glasgow was in 1994. At the time the actor was filming Interview With The Vampire in the UK and made a point of travelling to Scotland to do some sightseeing around the country – as an architecture and design enthusiast, a tour of Glasgow’s Charles Rennie Mackintosh buildings was high on his agenda. In a December 1994 issue of Rolling Stone magazine there is an in depth interview with Pitt partly conducted in the city by writer Chris Mundy, who accompanied him on the trip, while Scottish newspapers have also made frequent references to his visit – including the Fight Club star’s apparent liaison with the girlfriend of a Glasgow gangster and the words of warning he received as a result. A 2010 article in The Scottish Sun quotes Pitt as saying of his 1994 visit “Edinburgh and Glasgow are special – the architecture is something there”.

The 1994 visit may have slipped under the radar of most of the city at the time, however it was a different story in 2011 when Pitt returned to Glasgow to film World War Z – with equally famous partner Angelina Jolie and the couple’s children accompanying him on the visit. From the moment the specially chartered Virgin train carrying the family and other members of the film’s crew pulled into Central Station from London to the point when the cameras – which had been filming primarily around George Square, but also partly in Cardonald – rolled out of town there was a lot of hype about the actor’s presence. From themed T-shirts to specially named sandwiches and newspapers offering “Brangelina” guides on what to do while in Glasgow, Brad Pitt was – for a couple of weeks – at the centre of the city’s attention.

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