Glasgow’s Super Bowl double whammy

On Sunday gone, an estimated 108.4 million television viewers tuned in to watch the biggest event in America’s sporting calendar – Super Bowl XLVII – as it was beamed live across the globe from New Orleans. The annual championship game of the NFL – this year featuring the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers – has become a massive commercial spectacle, from the live opening and half-time performances from the likes of Beyonce to the hugely expensive adverts rolled out especially for the event by various corporations. Alongside the beer, car and trainer commercials, the Super Bowl is often the place to catch first or enhanced glimpses of forthcoming film releases as the studios show off their most anticipated productions in lucrative “TV spots”. Super Bowl Sunday is therefore as exciting for the movie community as it is for the sporting community.

Given the scale of the event and its audience it is quite a coup for Glasgow that it can claim to have been visible in not one but two movie TV spots during the Super Bowl.

The very brief (34 seconds) trailer for World War Z repeats much of what we have seen before on this film’s previous trailer – one difference in the Super Bowl spot though is that we see the Lane family’s silver Volvo (like the one pictured on location here) speed off along Cochrane Street. There is also a brief glimpse of a supermarket interior – this may or may not be from filming that Brad Pitt did at a former Kwik Save store on Paisley Road.


Another spot gave us the first look at Fast & Furious 6 – look out for a car crashing through the window of a specially constructed set on Broomielaw at 0:26 and a police car doing a somersault on Cadogan Street at 0:36. You will also see the curious looking vehicle filmed by Glasgow on Film at 0:35.

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