Glasgow’s Global Visitors: Jean Reno

Jean renoName: Jean Reno

Born: 30th July 1948 in Casablanca, Morocco

Credits include: Leon, Ronin, Godzilla

Reason for visiting Glasgow:

Jean Reno visited Glasgow in 2004 as part of the UK’s multi-city French Film Festival (although born in Morocco to Spanish parents, he is a French national). During his time in the city Reno introduced his film Tais-Toi! at the Glasgow Film Theatre and attended a civic dinner in the City Chambers aimed at fostering links between Glasgow and France. Notable about the visit was the revelation of an apparent friendship between the actor and the city’s then Lord Provost – Liz Cameron – following their introduction at an event in Brittany a year and a half earlier. A BBC News article from the time quotes Reno as saying “I am especially pleased, in the year of the Entente Cordiale celebrations, to visit Glasgow, a city that has intrigued me ever since I met its Lord Provost Liz Cameron, who is such a great ambassadress“.

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