Cameo Appearance: Whisky Galore!

whisky galoreThe black and white classic that is Whisky Galore! needs little introduction. One of the most famous productions from the legendary Ealing Studios, the film shows how the inhabitants of the remote Scottish island of Todday respond when a cargo ship carrying 50,000 cases of whisky (a rationed luxury during the story’s World War Two setting) is abandoned offshore.

Among the colourful Todday residents featured is teacher George Campbell, played by Glaswegian Gordon Jackson, and his strict mother (Jean Cadell) whose values are old fashioned even by 1943 standards.

whisky galore 2In one scene Mrs Campbell, already horrified that her son is engaged to local girl Catriona Macroon, threatens to leave if he brings his fiancee to tea…

“I’ll go and live with your Aunt Agnes in Glasgow”, she announces, to which George responds “Oh, but you hate Glasgow”. “Never mind if I do” is her blunt response.

Later in the film George has acquired a bit of courage and lays down the law to his mother, stating “I’ve told you my terms and if you don’t like them you can go to Glasgow”.

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