Movie Glaswegians: Greg Hemphill

greg hemphillWhen Greg Hemphill is not in character, there’s a bit of a transatlantic tinge to his accent – a product of having been raised in Montreal – but the actor and comedian is otherwise about as Glaswegian as they come. He was born in the city on 14th December 1969 and is now a well known face around town, as well as a major contributor to Glasgow’s culture.

Hemphill is perhaps best known for his television comedy appearances, particularly as the endearingly grumpy Victor McDade in the sitcom Still GameStill Game comes from Hemphill’s creative partnership with Ford Kiernan, which was also responsible for the sketch show Chewin’ the Fat. Other strings to his bow however include a portrayal of former First Minister Jack McConnell on BBC’s The Glasgow Girls, “Kelvin Brawl” – a full scale wrestling event at Kelvin Hall with Hemphill and fellow comedian Robert Florence at the top of the bill – and a successful tenure as Rector of the University of Glasgow.

In the world of film Greg Hemphill wrote and directed 2014 short Gasping, which starred comedian Frankie Boyle, and has provided his voice to features The Dunwich Horror and Sir Billi.

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