Glasgow’s Global Visitors: Al Pacino

al pacinoName: Al Pacino

Born: 25th April 1940 in New York City, New York, USA

Credits include: The GodfatherScarfaceHeat

Reason for visiting Glasgow:

Over the past couple of years heavyweight actor Al Pacino has been taking to stages in cities around the world for a series of “An Evening with Pacino” engagements – think “An Audience with…” where the audience is made up of members of the public.

The British Isles appeared on Pacino’s radar in May 2015, with evenings in Dublin, Leeds, London and Glasgow – the latter on 19th May at the Clyde Auditorium.

The Glasgow event saw Pacino discuss his distinguished career with journalist Billy Sloan, before fielding questions from the audience. Reviews of the evening spoke highly of the actor’s passion and engagement throughout proceedings. Value for money would have naturally been important to audience members as the ticket prices made the headlines long before the Hollywood star arrived in town. The Glasgow date stood out as someone with an estimated £25,000 to spare could even have paid for a package that included a private jet flight from Glasgow to London with Al Pacino, as well as tickets to shows in both cities and five star accommodation in the capital.

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