Cameo Appearance: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

the curious case of benjamin buttonThe Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is a 2008 Oscar-winning movie, starring Brad Pitt as the eponymous Button and Cate Blanchett as his love interest Daisy. The film’s subject is indeed curious – the story of a man who ages in reverse.

Benjamin Button’s story is told mainly by an elderly Daisy (played very well by a heavily made up Blanchett), who relates it from her deathbed in a New Orleans hospital to her daughter as Hurricane Katrina approaches. In one chapter of the tale she recounts how Benjamin went away in the late 1930s to work on a tugboat (which leads to moments in his life including an affair with a British politician’s wife and a near-death experience during World War II). Daisy’s daughter opens a box full of postcards as the old lady begins to talk… “He sent me a postcard from everywhere he went. Every place he worked. Newfoundland. Baffin Bay. Glasgow. Liverpool. Narvik.”